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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adsense Alternatives

Many people have started using Google's AdSense program, but there are some who find it a bit too vague, or simply do not fit their needs ad program.

But thankfully for such people, there are many alternatives to AdSense which aims to alleviate some shortcomings. Here is a list of the most remarkable of the lot is a description of each one.

AllFeeds (

AllFeeds have a large pool of online advertisers to choose from. In addition, a number of display formats to choose from. These include banners, buttons, XML feeds, DHTML pop-ups and so on. It also features real-time status reports on the ad. Site-mail you a check every month, provided you earn more then $ 25.00, while rolling over earnings for the next month, if you do not. Another interesting thing is that AllFeeds integrates with Google AdSense, maximizing your earnings with AdSense.

MarketBanker (

MarketBanker allows the unique opportunity to set the pricing on the site. It also allows you to authorize or reject the link that appears on the page (although AdSense itself is a very good job of that too, URL filters) There's also a statistics section, which allows you to see how well your site is doing. The ads are small, such as AdSense and they're just as easy to create. In addition, MarketBanker Registration is free.

BidClix (

BidClix different, because the advertisers compete for clicks on the site, which in turn meant that the greatest possible profit on the site. This is a very large pool of advertisers which ensure plenty of people to choose the site. However, it does not require more polish on site contents then AdSense. Whereas in most places, a real-time statistics are available, and very easy to get started with this service, but it's also very flexible.

Chitika (

RealContext uses artificial intelligence to retrieve the most relevant ads on the site. And there is an additional feature that is unique RealContext. Keywords are selected on the basis of previous elections in which to pay off and what does not work. This means that there is a constant feedback process that ensures that you earn income from advertising. It also supports blocking certain adds and child-safe filtering and many other options.

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