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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adsense Secrets

1. Quality Content if you have a new site, first objective should be the quality content. people tend to visit your site regulary if they find the site useful.

2.Update Regularly - Regular update of blog / site would fetch you regular visitors.
it would help you in longway to improve your site traffic.

2. Back links Back links are important to get listed fast in search engine. you could participate in forums, related to your subject matter of your website. you can utilise the signature section to add the links of your site, so that with every comment the back links is added. you can participate in chatroom to publicise you website.Press release are one more way to generate traffic.

3. Blending option Adsense Ad unit should blend with background of your site. take off the border so that it blends perfectly.

4. Insert Adsense Ad unit after every start of important points, more likely people would click.